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Famous Delt Alumni

Government & Law

  • Reubin Askew (Florida State University, 1951) Governor of Florida (1971-79).
  • Alben Barkley (Emory University, 1900) Vice President of the United States (1949-53); U.S. House of Representatives (1913-27); Senator from Kentucky (1927-49, 1955-56).
  • Melvin Belli (University of California, 1929) Nationally known attorney from the 1940′s to the early 1990′s; known as “The King of Torts”.
  • James Blanchard (Michigan State University, 1964) Ambassador to Canada (1993-96) Governor of Michigan (1983-91); U.S. House of Representatives (1975-83).
  • William Brennan (University of Pennsylvania, 1928) Supreme Court Justice (1956-90).
  • Hank Brown (University of Colorado, 1961) Senator from Colorado (1990-96); U. S. House of Representatives (1980-90); current president, University of Northern Colorado.
  • Tom Carper (Ohio State University, 1968) Senator from Delaware (2001 to present); Governor of Delaware (1993-2001); U.S. House of Representatives (1983-93).
  • Tom Clark (University of Texas, 1922) Supreme Court Justice (1949-67); U.S. Attorney General (1945-49).
  • Ramsey Clark (University of Texas, 1951) U.S. Attorney General (1967-69).
  • James “Champ” Clark (Bethany College, 1873) Speaker of the U.S. House (1911-19); U.S. House of Representatives (1893-95, 1897-1921).
  • Chris Cox (University of Southern California, 1973) U.S. House of Representatives (1988 to present); White House Staff member under President Reagan (1986-88).
  • Marlin Fitzwater (Kansas State University, 1964) Press secretary for Presidents Reagan (1987-89) and Bush (1989-93); spokesman for Environmental Protection Agency (1972-80).
  • Ernest Fletcher (University of Kentucky, 1974) U.S. House of Representative from Kentucky (1998 to 2004). Current governor of the state of Kentucky.
  • Brad Henry (University of Oklahoma, 1985) current governor of Oklahoma.
  • Tim Johnson (University of South Dakota, 1969) Senator from South Dakota (1997 to present); U.S. House of Representatives (1987-97).
  • Kenneth Kraft (University of Maryland, 1973) Current Congressional staff member for Dave Hobson.
  • Blaine Merritt (Duke University, 1980) Current Majority Chief Counsel/House Committee Bill Richardson the Judiciary.
  • Donald Pease (Ohio University, 1953) U.S. House of Representatives (1977-93).
  • Bill Richardson (Tufts University, 1970) U.S. Secretary of Energy (1998-2000); Ambassador to United Nations (2001); U.S. House of Representatives (1983-97); former Clinton Cabinet Secretary; current governor of New Mexico.
  • Paul Ryan (Miami University, 1992) U.S. House of Representative from Wisconsin (1998 to present).
  • John Snow (Kenyon College, 1961) U.S. Secretary of Treasury (2002-present).
  • Henry Wallace (Iowa State University, 1910) Vice President of the United States (1941-45); U.S. Secretary of Agriculture (1933-40); U.S. Secretary of Commerce (1945-46).
  • James Mann (Illinois); Republican leader in the US House during the late 1890s; sponsored the Mann Act.


  • Arthur Avril (Ohio State University, 1924) Chairman, Sakrete.
  • George Bennett (West Virginia University, 1966) Chairman, Symmetrix.
  • Tim Boyle (University of Oregon, 1971) President, Columbia Sportswear Company.
  • John W. Braitmayer (Wesleyan University, 1957) President, Mona Industries.
  • C. Robert Brenton (Iowa State University, 1957) Chairman, Brenton Banks.
  • Thomas Cruikshank (University of Texas, 1955) Chairman, CEO, Halliburton Companies.
  • Richard FarmerDrew Carey (Miami University, 1956) Chairman, Cintas.
  • John W. Fisher (University of Tennessee, 1938) Chairman Emeritus, Ball Corporation.
  • John Harbin (University of Texas, 1939) Chairman, Lone Star Steel.
  • Jack Laughery (University of Iowa, 1957) Chairman, Hardee’s Restaurants.
  • John Ludington (Albion College, 1951) Chairman, Dow Corning.
  • Gary Michael (University of Idaho, 1962) Chairman, Albertson’s.
  • Ronald McDougall (University of Wisconsin, 1964) President, Chili’s, Inc.
  • Marno McDermott (University of Minnesota, 1960) Chairman, Dos Pesos Restaurants; Founder, Fuddrruckers and Chi Chi’s Restaurants.
  • John Nichols (University of Oklahoma, 1936) Chairman, Devon Energy.
  • Jerry Riedel Vice Chairman, Anheuser Busch.
  • Walter Samuelson (Oregon State University, 1966) President, Quintas Computer Systems.
  • Myron Ullman (University of Cincinnati, 1969) Chairman, Macy’s.
  • Richard Wagoner (Duke University, 1975) CEO of General Motors.
  • Michael Walsh (Stanford University, 1964) Chairman, Tenneco.
  • Edward Whitacre (Texas Tech University, 1964) Chairman, CEO, SBC Communications.
  • Peter Woo (University of Cincinnati, 1970) Chairman, The Wharf (Holdings) Limited.
  • Robert Wycoff (Stanford University, 1952) President, ARCO.


  • Hank Brown (University of Colorado, 1961) President, University of Colorado (2003 to present).
  • William Kirwan (University of Kentucky, 1960) Former Ohio State University President; current Chancellor University of Maryland System.
  • Martin Jischke (Illinois Institute of Technology, 1963) President, Purdue University; former President of Iowa State University.
  • Peter Likins (Stanford University, 1957) President, University of Arizona.
  • Duane Cummins (Bethany College, 1957) Dean, Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University; Former President, Bethany College.
  • Ralph Cicerone (MIT, 1965) President, National Academy of Sciences (Bethany College, 1957) Dean, Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University; Former President, Bethany College(MIT, 1965) President, National Academy of Sciences.


  • Duane Allen (Texas A & M at Commerce) Vocalist with “The Oak Ridge Boys”.
  • Peter Buck (Emory University, 1979) Lead guitarist with “R.E.M.”
  • Drew Carey (Kent State University, 1979) TV star, co producer of “The Drew Carey Show”, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and Host of “The Price is Right” (2008-present).
  • Fielder Cook (Washington and Lee, 1946) TV and Broadway director; Emmy Award winner Will Ferrell.
  • Will Ferrell (University of Southern California, 1990) Co star on “Saturday Night Live” (1995 2002) and film actor (“Old School” “Anchorman”, ‘Talladega Nights”, and “Step Brothers”.
  • Frederic Forrest (Texas Christian University, 1959) Film & TV actor; Oscar Award nominee.
  • David Gates (University of Oklahoma, 1962) Former lead singer of “Bread”; solo artist and producer.
  • Joel Higgins (Michigan State University, 1966) TV and stage actor; former star of “Silver Spoons”.
  • Matthew McConaughey (University of Texas, 1992) Film actor (“A Time to Kill”, “U 571″, “Fool’s Gold”, and “Tropic Thunder”).
  • Jim Nabors (University of Alabama, 1951) TV actor and singer; best known for “Gomer Pyle” and “The Jim Nabors Show”.
  • Jack O’Brien (University of Michigan, 1961) Broadway director; double Tony Award nominee in 2001.
  • Pat O’Brien (University of South Dakota, 1970) Co host of TV’s “Access Hollywood”; also Olympics TV host.
  • David Schwimmer (Northwestern University, 1988) TV co star on “Friends” (1994 to present) and film actor.
  • Peter Stuart (Northwestern University, 1989) Former lead singer in “Dog’s Eye View”; solo artist.
  • Dalton Trumbo (University of Colorado, 1928) Two-time Oscar winning screenwriter.

Sports | Football

  • John Elway (Stanford University, 1983) 16-year NFL quarterback with Denver Broncos; Super Bowl MVP; Heisman Trophy runner up.
  • Jim Plunkett (Stanford University, 1970) Heisman Trophy winner 1970; Super Bowl MVP; 13 year NFL quarterback.
  • Les HorvathJohn Elway (Ohio State University, 1943) Heisman Trophy winner, 1944; four year pro player.
  • Dante Lavelli (Ohio State University, 1945) Pro Football Hall of Fame; 10 year pro with Cleveland.
  • “Tuffy” Leemans (George Washington University, 1936) Pro Football Hall of Fame; eight year pro with Giants.
  • Mark Rypien (Washington State University, 1985) Super Bowl MVP; 12- year NFL quarterback.
  • Gene Washington (Stanford University, 1969) NFL director of football operations; 10-year NFL player.
  • John Lynch (Stanford University, 1993) All NFL safety with Denver Broncos.
  • Jon Ritchie (Stanford University, 1998) Fullback with the Oakland Raiders.
  • Howard Mudd (Michigan State University, 1963) NFL assistant coach; eight year NFL player.
  • Joe Avezzano (Florida State University, 1965) Dallas Cowboys assistant coach; Dallas Desparados Arena League head coach.
  • Boyd Dowler (University of Colorado, 1959) 10-year NFL player with Green Bay Packers; NFL scout.
  • Jeff Siemon (Stanford University, 1972) 10-year NFL player with Minnesota Vikings.
  • Carmen Cozza (Miami University, 1952) Former Yale head coach (1965 96); 2002 College Football Hall of Fame inductee.

Sports | Baseball

  • Branch Rickey (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1904) Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • George Sisler (University of Michigan, 1915) Baseball Hall of Fame; holds record of 257 hits in a season.
  • Eppa Rixey (University of Virginia, 1914) Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • Mike Mussinab (Stanford University, 1991) Pitcher with Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees.
  • Shawn Green (Stanford University, 1996) Outfielder with Toronto Blue Jays and Los Angeles Dodgers.
  • Ed Sprague (Stanford University, 1989) 12 year major league infielder; Olympic Gold Medal winner.
  • Rick Helling (Stanford University, 1994) Pitcher with Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks.
  • A. J. Hinch (Stanford University, 1996) Catcher with Kansas City Royals and Oakland A’s.
  • David McCarty (Stanford University, 1992) Eight-year first baseman with Kansas City and other teams.
  • Mike Aldrete (Stanford University, 1983) Former 10-year major league first baseman outfielder.
  • Steve Buechele (Stanford University, 1983) Former 10-year major league third baseman.
  • Mark Marquess (Stanford University, 1969) Stanford head coach; winner of more than 1,000 games.


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